ann morrisAnn (Ana) Morris writes bilingual children's books and consults on a variety of Spanish language projects.

As a teacher and community worker, Morris has collaborated with and served people from many cultures new to our country. She speaks and writes Spanish as well as English. She hopes to encourage children and parents learning to read their native language, as well as to motivate language learners.

Ana Morris escribe libros bilingües para niños y sirve de consultora para una variedad de proyectos del idioma español. Como maestra y trabajadora comunitaria, Morris ha colaborado y servido a gente recién llegada a nuestro país de muchas culturas. Habla y escribe español tanto como inglés. Espera animar a niños y a sus padres a que aprendan a leer su lengua nativa tanto como a animar a los que aprendan idiomas.

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Review by Ann (Ana) Morris, Author

A House Divided

By Diane Stringham Tolley

diane stringham tolleyThis book is a direct sequel to Daughters of Ishmael: Promised Land, Broken Heart by the same author.

Hannah's family is descended from followers of the Prophet Lehi and left her birth home of Jerusalem to find their own Promised Land where they could live in peace. Travels led them to the New World, which offered everything they needed, until brother pitted against brother due to greed for power on one part and need for faith and peace on the other part. The house is physically divided when this book starts.

Hannah is once again the central figure of strength and faith. She has been stoned by her husband's people, with the final blow being dealt by her son Samuel. This is the house led by Laman that is no longer interested in seeking a peaceful and loving path to guide them. Hannah awakes to find she has survived the stoning and been left for dead.

Her trials are beyond comprehension. She gathers strength and patience from her faith in God, cautiously inching her way to follow the path of her departed faith family. Miraculously, only believers can see the massive foot trail left by those that will lead her to safety. She feels the flutters of child movement that give her hope for new life and a reason to continue her journey.

This book speaks to me as the testament that faith and love give unbelievable strength and hope. Hannah follows none other than a brother of Laman, the Prophet Nephi, a man of peace and wisdom. We see that all mortals are human, but that even some souls bent on anger and hate can be won through love, prayer, and patience.

Our lives are our examples. Others learn through our examples, and we never know who they will be.

Mahatma Ghandi said, "My life is my message." Whether he shared the same faith as Hannah's people or not, the words are clear. Our lives are our tribute to others and inspiration if we live them in peace and love.

Read this book for inspiration for courage, patience, and hope that change for the better can always be made, no matter where the odds may lie.

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