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Mommy and Mikel

Mommy and Mikel Go for a Walk

Readers' Favorite 5-starMommy and Mikel Go for a Walk by Ann Morris is a well-illustrated book for children that teaches a lesson while being entertaining. In this book, M stands not only for Mommy and Mikel, but also for Mystery and Mink. When Mommy and Mikel go for a walk, they find many things about which Mikel is curious, including a goldfinch, daisies, poison ivy, and an American Mink. At first they don't know what the animal they saw in the water is, so Mommy takes Mikel to the library and they investigate by looking for pictures of what they saw in an encyclopedia. After Mommy finds the picture, Mikel is happy to have solved the mystery and learned about a new animal.

Mommy and Mikel Go for a Walk captures what a walk would be like with a little one who is full of energy and curiosity, wanting to know about everything he encounters. Morris does a good job of making it a learning book about several different things, but I also appreciated how the mother looked after the son's safety by bringing along a jacket and not letting him cross the library parking lot by himself. The illustrations in Mommy and Mikel Go for a Walk are very well done and kids will like seeing the mystery items in them. It was nice to see how Mikel enjoyed the opportunity to take a walk with his mom because he doesn't get to do it very often.

~Reviewed by Lori A. Moore for Readers' Favorite


Mikel y Mami dan un paseo por Ana Morris

¡Este libro se ha convertido en uno de mis favoritos para niños!

Esta es una historia narrada de forma sencilla por su autora Ana Morris, basada en su propia vivencia con su hijo Mikel y que seguramente hará sonreír a los lectores, ya sea recordando episodios de los paseos con sus padres, o bien, como padres recordando las vivencias con sus hijos o ¡ambos!

Además de contar con ilustraciones coloridas realizadas por Avery Liell-Kok, que suelen llamar la atención de los niños, esta historia, que comienza con un cotidiano paseo por el parque, nos va llevando por la aventura del conocimiento y aprendizaje de cosas que podrían resultar muy comunes para los adultos pero que para los niños representan grandes descubrimientos: desde el nombre de un pájaro, hasta resolver todo un misterio.

Definitivamente, esta es una excelente opción de lectura para compartir con nuestros pequeños.

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Mommy and Mikel go for a walk by Ann Morris

This book has become one of my children's books favourites!

This is a story told in a simple way by author Ann Morris, based on her own experience with her son Mikel, that will surely make readers smile, whether recalling episodes of the rides with their parents, or, as parents recalling the experiences with their children or both!

Besides having colourful illustrations done by Avery Liell-Kok that tend to attract the attention of children, this story, which begins with a daily walk in the park, leads us through the adventure of knowledge and learning things that could be very common for adults but that make great discoveries for children: from the name of a bird, to solving a mystery.

This is definitely an excellent reading choice to share with our children.

~Joe Cortez (Author, Book Reviewer, Translator and Founder at Publica tu ebook)


A refreshing change from the movie and comic book tie-ins that seem to make up so much of children's literature these days. On the surface, this is just a deceptively simple story about a mother and a son going for an everyday walk together. There's a lot more going on here than that, though. First, "Mommy works a lot," making this a special one on one time. As the story progresses, we are shown the wonderful bond between the mother and son, made manifest in Mommy's patience and willingness to answer every question asked of her, and in Mikel's trust that Mommy's answers are correct. When Mommy doesn't have an answer, she doesn't cop out and give some lame answer like, "Well, maybe you'll learn this in school." Instead, she takes steps to find the answer and in doing so, she is showing Mikel how to go about finding things like this out.

For an adult, reading this book to a child, there are a couple of messages here that Ms. Morris gets across without sermonizing. First, the time spent together between a child and parent is precious, that the memories produced will last a lifetime. Equally importantly, a parent will be reminded that they are their child's first and most important teacher.

~Bob Dunbar, Author at Bob W. Dunbar—Author

I recommend Ann's books Mikel and Mommy Go for a Walk and Mikel y Mami Dan un Paseo. It is a story about her experience with her son when he was a young kid and is very cute. It is a children's book, but can also be used for people learning Spanish. Ann is a dedicated and talented author who likes to educate people on the importance of learning about other countries and new languages. You can also check Ann Morris, author Facebook page.

~Dina Hulscher, Autism Associate at The Homestead


Surprise in Auntie's Garden!

Surprise in Auntie's Garden!

Readers' Favorite 5-starSurprise in Auntie's Garden! by Ann Morris is a colorful children's book that teaches a lesson. Little Erin visits her Auntie's garden and sees a funny looking worm, which in fact turns out to be a caterpillar. Auntie and Erin research on the computer to find out what type of caterpillar he is and why he eats the milk thistle in Auntie's garden. Season by season, Auntie and Erin follow what is happening with the little creature from his stages as a caterpillar, to his building a cocoon, to his emerging as a beautiful butterfly.

The illustrations are very vivid, colorful, and attractive in Surprise in Auntie's Garden! by Ann Morris. They will captivate little ones who want to see the changes in Mr. Clown, the caterpillar, as he transforms into a butterfly. It's nice to see a book show a close relationship between an aunt and her niece like the one in Surprise in Auntie's Garden! Education can take place anywhere, including enjoying a beautiful day in the garden with your aunt. Surprise in Auntie's Garden! shows how patiently and lovingly the aunt taught Erin about nature through this experience with the caterpillar. This is a good book to read with little ones and be sure to let them find the caterpillar in the illustrations. Morris has written a cute story accompanied by outstanding illustrations in Surprise in Auntie's Garden!, one that kids will enjoy because kids love to learn about new and unusual things.

~Reviewed by Lori A. Moore for Readers' Favorite


Another 5-star review for Surprise in Auntie's Garden! Thanks to Vickianne Caswell, author of the Freckles the Bunny series!
Review for Surprise in Auntie's Garden

  • Colorful pictures
  • Detailed pictures
  • Informative story that teaches a little bit about things in the garden

Ann Morris does a wonderful job with this delightful tale called, Surprise in Auntie's Garden. The story is about an aunt and her niece who learn and see many wonderful things in the garden. The story is very informative which teaches children some interesting things about what you can find in the garden. The illustrations were wonderfully done! The pages are very colorful and detailed for parent and child to enjoy.


The magic of one little butterfly (Amazon, 5-star review)
A beautifully illustrated book that communicates the joy and wonder to be found in nature. Young Erin visits not only her Auntie, but the caterpillar that lives in the garden. She keeps on visiting throughout the cocoon stage. Until, one happy day, she and Auntie watch the new butterfly emerge and spread its wings. The illustrations make these stages in the life of a butterfly clear and easy for children to understand, while showing the loving relationship that Erin has with her Auntie. A sweet book. And educational as well! I also appreciated the Garden Angel. Hugs all round.

~Mary Josefina Cade, February 2, 2014


Surprise in Auntie's Garden is the kind of book that needs to be read slowly, leaving plenty of time for the child on your knee to look deeply into the illustrations, which are a bold, clear, colourful complement to the text. The story of how a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly is simply told, the science is correct, the illustrations accurate, and the goal of fostering wonder and understanding of nature are hinted, but largely left for discussion and comment as the book unfolds. For the child already fascinated by nature, this could become a favourite to be read over and over. For the teacher in search of a book to bridge between story and science, this could be a welcome addition to the classroom bookshelf.

~Seymour Hamilton (Chelsea, Quebec, Canada)


Hay que notar que este libro es un paquete maravilloso. El arte deslumbrante de la cubierta, hecho en un diseño de flores y de colores tropicales por artista y autora para niños Heather Varkarotas, me atrajo la vista inmediatamente. Ese tema se emplea a través del libro, ofreciendo el complemento perfecto a la enseñanza discreta de la Srta. Morris.

Mis nietos, de dos y siete años, quedaron involucrados, especialmente cautivados por la exposición creíble de la transformación de oruga a mariposa. Hemos leído y releído ¡Sorpresa en el jardín de la tía! varias veces, y es tan encantador la décima o vigésima vez como si fuera la primera.

~Bob Dunbar, autor publicado


Everything is Different

Everything is Different

Readers' Favorite 5-starEverything is Different by Ann Morris is a delightful story that will encourage readers to travel and explore new places. Brett is visiting England with his dad. As they are on the plane and once they land, Brett observes a lot of new things which capture his interest. Even the accent of the taxi driver fascinates him as it is different from how he and his dad speak. Everything in England is different and fascinating for Brett and, on the whole, the trip teaches him a bunch of new things. The book is a wonderful learning experience for all young readers and the story will make them want to learn new things and also learn about new destinations.

I enjoyed the book thoroughly. The questions asked by Brett and his father's replies are educational and very informative. Readers get to learn about England as they travel along with Brett and his dad. The illustrations are lively and they give a good pace and movement to the scenes and the story. The author connects with readers in a good way and blends the learning of the geography, diversity, and culture of another country effortlessly.

The book is good for bedtime story-telling and also for read aloud sessions in school libraries and class rooms. It is a wonderful learning experience and teaches readers new things which they may not know. Come, let's all travel to England with Brett and his dad and have a wonderful experience! An educational and informative book that will make kids want to travel.

~Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite


Everything is Different is a wonderful learning experience for all! A copy of this book belongs in every home and school library if you have to teach children concepts of perspective, diversity, and global citizenship. The story portrays a father and his young son visiting Bolsover Castle in the United Kingdom for the first time. In the beginning, little Brett is bewildered by all the differences between the United States and the United Kingdom from driving on the wrong side of the road to speaking with a British accent. So, his father engages him in a learning adventure he will never forget by assigning him the job of tour guide. Now, Brett is the teacher and his father is the student. Together they spend a delightful day discovering Bolsover Castle, an English pub, but more importantly, that there are many ways of looking at things in life. This book is an excellent resource for teaching a unit on diversity, geography, castles, and more. Out of all the books written by Ann Morris, this is my favorite. I am looking forward to sharing it with my students and grandsons. It truly deserves 5 stars. Kudos to Ann Morris!

~Janet Balletta, Amazon 5-star review


In Everything is Different, author Ann Morris provides her audience a new lesson in learning and teaching. While remaining true to her established formula of portraying the interaction between a child and a trusted, loving adult, this time, she spreads her wings somewhat, and her audience is shown how a father and son relate to one another and to new experiences. In her previous offerings, the adult figures were a mother and an aunt, so it was interesting to watch as she navigates the father –and-son dynamic. Not surprisingly, she pulls it off without a hitch.

The story, as always, is simple enough for young minds to absorb while simultaneously offering the challenge of discovering new things. Brett, a young boy from the United States, has the opportunity to accompany his father on a short trip to the United Kingdom, where he encounters different customs and cultural influences. Naturally he has questions about these things, such as why do people drive on the "wrong" side of the road. Whenever he questions one of these matters, his father patiently explains to him why things are the way they are, while gently imparting the message that because things are different from what Brett may be used to, that doesn’t make them wrong.

Everything is Different is a fun read. Ms. Morris successfully captures the excitement and adventure of a young boy’s first experience with a world beyond his familiar environment, and the imaginative illustrations will captivate young readers.

~R. Dunbar, Amazon 5-star review


We have read Ann Morris' books before, because my children love them. Ann has a nice way to explain things to kids in a natural, non patronizing tone.

In this book, Bret travels with his father to England and discovers that, while many things are similar to the familiar US, many other things are very different. However, he is promptly taught by his father that "different" is not bad (a very important lesson in the times we live today!!) and he learns to enjoy different things, including the traditional English food.

Reading the introduction, it seems this book was inspired by a real trip made by Ann Morris when she was young, and that fact has made the book feel very real and easy to relate to. This new book has beautiful illustrations done by Melissa Wright.

This is a great book that will inspire the little ones to travel the world and have new experiences!!

~JCon, Amazon 5-star review


I love this story about Brett's trip to England. My favorite line was when Brett's Dad said "You will learn that not everyone does things the same way we do. But if it works for them, that is what is important. Being different does not mean they are wrong." I think that is an important lesson for anything in this world. It's not wrong to be different. This story was a great way to show the differences of two cultures, such as England and those in the United States. Children's books that can teach and entertain while bringing the reader on an adventure are truly the best types of books written.

I received this book free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

~Amy's Bookshelf Reviews, Amazon 5-star review


What a wonderful book to teach children about the UK, but also the underlying messages in this book! I loved the message that just because people or places are different, or people do things differently does not mean they are better or worse, just different! Also this book can teach children that there is so much to learn in this world and can help open up their minds and inspire them to learn! This book can extend to the idea that children with disabilities or children of different cultures may do some things differently but there are so many new things you can learn from them. I highly recommend this book! It is fun (I wanted to be at the castle too!), yet can start so many important conversations as well!

~Darbaton, Amazon 5-star review


Do It Again!/Otra Vez!

Do It Again!/Otra Vez!

Video Review


What a charming read-aloud picture book for preschoolers and kindergarten children! The author recreates a special day in the life of a three-year-old which reveals how important it is for parents and extended family to create a loving environment for young children. This book is bilingual and can be used as an aid for learning English and Spanish.

How many times have you heard a young child say, “do it again?” In this story, Amy is a three-year-old who visits her Auntie Ann and Uncle Dale. They bring her on a car ride to a football game where her cousin Mike is playing in the band. The family laugh and plays all day. Uncle Dale throws Amy up in the air and makes her giggle when he speaks like Donald Duck. By the time Auntie Ann tucks Amy into bed, she is exhausted but reassured by the nurturing of her family members.

This book contains fantastic illustrations and simple dialogue that will resonate with young children. Perfect choice for a bedtime story, shared sibling read or read aloud book in the classroom. Highly recommended.

~Barbara Ann Mojica's Blog