As a teacher and as a community worker, Morris has collaborated with and served people from many cultures new to our country, including our Latino friends. She speaks and writes Spanish as well as English. Her hopes are to encourage children and parents learning to read their native language, as well as to motivate language learners.

Books for sale are in English and Spanish, as she has written them in both languages.

Newsletters and musings include topics about bilingualism and translation.

Cómo el escinco de lengua azul llegó a tener la lengua azulMorris has translated several picture books to Spanish. Two have been printed: La leyenda de Roberto Cofresí, un héroe de Puerto Rico, by Janet Balletta, and Cómo el escinco de lengua azul llegó a tener la lengua azul by Mary Langer Thompson.

International Latino Book AwardLa leyenda de Roberto CofresíJanet Balletta advised Ms. Morris that her first translated book, Roberto Cofresí, had the honor of being named Winner of the 2017 International Latino Book Awards—Best Children's Book Translation (English to Spanish).

Kinship: The CoveringShe also spent nearly half a year proofing the translation another had done of the book Kinship: The Covering by María Watson. It was a science fiction novel that required intensive research and rewriting, which provided her with more confidence and more knowledge.

Her philisophy in any subject is: We never stop learning!

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